About Andrew

Hi! My name is Andrew. I am a Business Leverage Mentor + Digital Marketing Strategist in the coaching and consciousness industry.

I specialise in helping accomplished and powerful coaches, psychologists and therapists UNLEASH their ULTIMATE BUSINESS. A business with profits, leverage and lifestyle.

With over 20 years experience, I have helped hundreds of leaders and teams all around Australia gain their time and money back, increase their profits and make a bigger impact in their own businesses and in the world as a result.

I have a Masters of Information Technology, Graduates Diploma of Strategic Leadership and am a Certified NLP Practitioner and Matrix Therapies™ Coach. I use these qualifications and my extensive experience to help businesses leverage their time, talent, tech and team to streamline and scale their business and profits.

My clients come to me because I am able to take their vision, processes and expertise, emphasise their MAGIC and MONETISE it. This is how I leverage their unique talents. With step-by-step structure, automation and systems, along with the right strategies, it can be a very fast process to add six figures or more to their profits all while simplifying their business.

The major problems I solve are a lack of time, a lack of profits and a lack of leverage within the business.

I see too many conscious business leaders get caught up in the trading-time-for-money trap and working IN the business instead of ON their business. Which means they have a glorified job.

You are NOT your business!!! You are a business LEADER! Now is the time to step up and own it.

My mission is by helping my clients scale and make a greater positive impact, we can heal and transform the world.

How? I believe if we can get enough people to raise their sights up from the day-to-day struggle and feel empowered we’ll reach a critical mass of conscious humanity, and then, it all changes. But I can’t do that alone, I need your help. So by empowering you to scale, you can make a greater positive impact, and this is how we heal and transform the world, together.

If your business is not giving you the profits and lifestyle you want, then it’s time to take action. Life is too short and precious to be stuck in a business that is not performing. Let’s do this together!

I’m on a mission!

I’m a personal-development and growth fanatic! Not only have I been working with coaches, therapists and healers over the past 4 years to help them LEVERAGE themselves and scale. But I’ve also had coaches, therapists and healers working with me to help me heal and transform myself.

Over the past 4 years I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaches, therapists and healers to overcome physical, emotional and spiritual woundings.

As a result, I now feel UNSTOPPABLE!

And I’m on a mission to pay that gift forwards to as many others as possible.

This is about healing and transforming the world