About Andrew

Hi! My name is Andrew. I am a Transformational Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker who helps leaders feel confident, fulfilled and influential every day. Having led 8-figure portfolios and levelled up thousands of leaders from all around around Australia, I understand the challenges faced by modern leaders and the key levers needed to overcome them.

What’s a leader? Someone who has a vision for themselves, their lives, their business, their clients, stakeholders, family members and/or community. You can be an empowered leader in your own life, in your career, or in your business. In this way leadership is not a title, but a way of living life with confidence, empowerment and joy, ultimately improving your life and the lives of those around you. So, is this the same “leadership” as in business? Heck yes! This is how you make an impact in business or in your life more broadly.
I have a Masters of Information Technology, Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Matrix Therapies™ Coach and Body Psychotherapist. I combine this with over 20 years of hands-on experience of Transformational and Digital Age Leadership to radically transform my client’s lives.
Leaders come to me when they get sick of being “resilient” and “courageous” over-achievers and they suspect there must be a better way, a way for them to get results without sacrificing so much of themselves.
Ultimately my clients feel happy, confident, empowered and deeply fulfilled. They smash their goals, are able to influence those around them to support their vision and as a result they make a huge positive impact in the world.
Are you ready to become the leader you’d love to be? The leader you’ve always know you could be? The leader deep down you truly are?
If so, come and join the LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION!