I never procrastinate

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I don’t procrastinate!


Hard to believe right?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not always achieving what I plan to achieve. I’m not even always doing what I should be doing. And some times I’m even probably wasting my time.

But I would never call it “procrastination”. I’m just not the procrastinating sort.

The truth is. That’s all just semantics and a game played by my ego/mask, it’s self-delusion BS!

I avoid work I should be doing by focusing elsewhere like everybody else on the planet. And it’s always incredibly easy to justify to myself:

  • Oh, I’m just not in the right headspace for that right now.
  • Actually there’s something more urgent I need to do.
  • I’ll just do this easy thing first then I’m on a roll and I can come back to this harder thing.

Hahahahaha as if! That work you should be doing Andrew is NEVER going to get done!

Why do we avoid / procrastinate what we should be doing?

Because it’s hard, uncomfortable or uncertain.

There. Solved. Now we can all go about our day knowing exactly why procrastination happens and therefore we can address it as it comes up right?

I wish it were that easy.

Avoidance is such a common thing. It happens all the time.

Not just if you’re in business for yourself. But if you have staff, they’re doing it all the time too. Scary right? Also in life in general.

It’s so insidious because it’s so easy to overlook and justify away.

I’ve sure you’ve heard: No on can truly multitask, we just switch between tasks quickly. And I’m sure you’ve also heard that no one is actually good at that either. Not even women *gasp*!

Well, it gets worse. The most serious problem with multi-tasking is this… it makes avoidance so much easier!

If you have one tasks to work on till completion, you have a much better chance of getting it done! Even when it gets hard or uncomfortable or uncertain. There are less distractions, less justifiable ways to avoid it. When a problem arises you solve it.

When you’re juggling two or more tasks it’s human nature to switch tasks when one gets too painful. And then the important painful thing just doesn’t get done.

And if you’re juggling many things and more keep getting added to your list. If the list gets too long or more are coming in than are getting ticked off the list, this is where we can easily spiral into overwhelm!!

That’s the state where it all becomes too hard and we fee the need to avoid the lot! Mega-stress!!

I don’t pretend there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for this. However, give this a try:

  1. Stop. Take a breath.
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. “Yes I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed and angry”
  3. Show yourself some compassion and love. “Andrew, I forgive you for getting into this situation. You can only do what you can do. I give you permission to prioritise and make the best of it. I’m proud of you and love you unconditionally”. Which feels a bit weird the first 300 times you say it. But it works!
  4. List your tasks.
  5. Cull the less important items and the uncertain items.
  6. Prioritise by urgency and importance (but block out time to progress the important tasks even if they aren’t urgent).
  7. Push through the hard or uncomfortable tasks.
  8. Celebrate each win!

And if you’re often facing important but uncomfortable tasks this is good fodder to explore with a coach, therapist or healer. Why does this make me so uncomfortable? Should it really?

And tell me, are you a procrastinator or an avoider? How do you overcome it?

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