Calm like a bomb

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Do you know how much energy it takes to trigger a nuclear bomb? Intuitively it would make sense that it would take a lot to trigger such a massive explosion right? Here’s the thing, all you have to do is put enough radioactive material close enough together and… It Just Happens! No trigger needed. There just needs to be enough active particles close together for an chain reaction to begin which automatically cascades and activates all the other atoms near by.

To transform the world works the same way. We don’t need to heal and transform everyone to tip the balance. We just need to reach critical mass. Then Everything Changes.

How much of the population do you think are generally happy and empowered, feel connected with all their fellow humans and are on a mission to contribute to the greater good of the community and society around them?

Yep. It’s not many right?

Imagine if even 1% of the population were running around in the world generally happy, fulfilled, able to look past the day-to-day grind and focus instead on the bigger picture. The things they love to do that make a larger positive impact on the world.

Now imagine we could liberate 10% of the population from living in fear and empower them in this way!

What % do you think we’d have to reach before we hit critical mass?

Some believe anywhere from 5-25% of the population is required.

But research shows that with the advent of technology and social networks we’re seeing this number reduce to as low as 10-15%

Even if we could achieve that tipping point within a single country we’d see amazing societal change. Some would argue we already see this in some Nordic countries.

I find this really exciting. This seems like a really achievable goal. Working together, we can make this a reality!

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