Social and online marketing accelerator

for coaches, therapists, healers

(and other complementary medicine practitioners)

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Ok, I’m ready! How do we do this?

This program isn’t for everyone. Book a strategy session now to find out more and work out if you are a good fit for the program, and give you the next critical steps you need to take for your business.

Most coaches, therapists and healers struggle with…


Not enough leads

I don’t really know what to post. Whatever I do post to market myself, it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s not turning into the right kind of attention and leads.


The technology is painful

It’s all just too time consuming, complex, frustrating and just plain overwhelming!

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Just don't enjoy marketing or social media

Promoting myself is just not fun. It’s all fake and frustrating. And I can’t see how it leads to sales. I would rather spend my time empowering and helping my clients heal and transform.

If your business is not giving you the profit or lifestyle you want, then it’s time to take action! Life is too short to be stuck in a business that’s not performing.

In 2020, it’s your job to get your authentic and magnetic energy out there online and then the right clients will be attracted straight to you.

It’s time to UNELASH your magnetic presence, and create the ultimate business. A business with more CLIENTS, LEVERAGE and LIFESTYLE.

With the right online tools and marketing strategies it can be a very fast process to add six figures to your profits.

It doesn’t need to be painful or time consuming. You can SIMPLIFY your business so you have more time, energy and money to focus on what you love to do most. Including more time to touch the lives of your clients and empower them to be healthy, happy and transformed.

Over the course of 90 days, I will be guiding you step-by-step through the strategies I KNOW work, and I have dozens of case studies to prove it.

Through this process you will attract more than enough clients so you can shift to a more LEVERAGED model of delivery. In this way you get more time back, more profit and can make a bigger positive impact in the world. This is how you transition from ‘having a glorified job’ to ‘owning a business’, and then ‘having that lifestyle business’ you always dreamed of.

It all starts with you, your energy, and how you show up online. Make the commitment to yourself. Invest in you and get the MAGNETIC online presence you always deserved by registering your interest today.

As a Client Magnet UNLEASHED you will…

Develop a strategy and plan for your business that includes the messages your prospects need to hear before they will buy from you. We include content types and structures, when to use them and why, so you will always know what to post.
Define your ideal workflow, from your strongest medium to generate a week’s worth of content from a single idea. Use the simplest and most effective tools and spend just 2-3 hours each week creating and scheduling your marketing, job done!
Many practitioners don’t love sales. And they don’t see how social media and online marketing can lead to sales. We will ensure the alignment of your social media and online marketing through to your sales funnel and refine your process so that you get sales!

And as a result, your energy will be out there consistently drawing in more, higher quality and warmer leads to you, and you’ll be winning more clients.

Ok, I’m ready! How do we do this?

This program isn’t for everyone. Book a strategy session now to find out more and work out if you are a good fit for the program, and give you the next critical steps you need to take for your business.

Results for you…

Strategy and plan

Your own online marketing and social media strategy and plan created to fit your business and brand

Content templates

Content types and structures that fit your brand and strategy so you always know what to post.

Your workflow

Your simplified workflow, so you spend only 2-3 hours a week, schedule your posts and walk away.

Simple tools

Your simple toolbox explained. The easiest and most effective tools. Only learn and use what you need to.

Conversion alignment

We align you and your social and online marketing with your sales funnel to ensure a smooth transition.

Close more sales

We review and refine your sales process to ensure you close more sales in a way that feels authentic, not salesy.

In this program you get…

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Weekly LIVE masterclass sessions

Learn new concepts, and techniques with Andrew Ramsden supported by an exclusive small-group environment. Support your peers and learn from their real world challenges and triumphs.


One-on-one coaching sessions

Personalise the strategy or execution for you and your business. Troubleshoot the technical implementation. Clear blocks and influences that prevent you from getting your energy out there.

Facebook community of your peers

Maintain momentum, experience constant support and celebrate your wins and the wins of your peers.

Additional tools and resources

Build your own toolbox. Exclusive online tools and resources to support your learning, strategy and implementation.

Are you ready to become UNLEASHED?

This program isn’t for everyone. It will have the most benefit for those you are ready. Are you ready? Find out by taking our free 6 minute test…

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