Come to the dark side

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Andrew and Andrew. Always two there are. The dark side and the light! Hahaha

Had a great meeting with Andrew Low today. And apart from the exciting things we have planned for next year, as always it was an inspiring conversation. We talked a bit about the importance of both the darkness and the light within us, and it got me thinking…

If there’s anything I’ve learned from working with gurus like Andrew Low and Robert Kirby over the past few years is: To be able to shine brightly, you need to face your dark side first.

The temptation is to flinch each time we catch a glimpse of our darkness. The deep emotions, the pain from our past, the scary thoughts that are critical of ourselves or others, or even… violent towards ourselves or others! (You would never, right?)

We all have them. Mostly we pretend we don’t. And if they start to appear, we often avoid them, suppress them, push them down or blot them out through self-medication.

The more evolved of us dissolve them in a sea of meditation, reflection, prayer and spirituality. This is actually the “spiritual mask”, not true enlightenment, just used as another salve to soothe the ache.

It’s only once you’ve walked up to your darkness, stared it in the eye and surrendered to it (felt the feelings, expressed the thoughts, allowed and survived the deep pain) that it truly eases into the very low background, leaving your light to shine bright unimpeded.

Then you feel liberated. Not better than anyone else. Just whole. Complete. Ok. Loved. And UNSTOPPABLE.

If you want to do this for yourself and/or help others along that journey, talk to Andrew Low. I love his tag line “Transform Yourself, Transform Others, and Learn How to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice”.

What a legend!

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