I Was Born For Greatness

I Was Born For Greatness: And I’m Ready To Claim My Destiny
A 1-day workshop and process group to unleash your true potential, in your relationships, career, or business (yes, ‘future you’ has it all).

Have you ever suspected there must be more to life than what you experience day in and day out?

Let’s get real. Life’s not easy. We work hard, do the right thing, and take whatever little appreciation comes our way. We hope that we’ll be recognised at work, that our business will take off, that we’ll be noticed by that cute guy or gal or that our significant other will look at us again like they used to. But it never really pans out the way it should.

Have you ever:

  • Woken up dreading going to work, or facing your business? You’re not feeling passionate any more. It all feels too hard, and not fulfilling.
  • Gone on a date expecting yet another awkward process of getting to know someone who will likely just let you down? Or came home hoping your partner will be in a good mood, or whether it’s just going to be ‘another one of those nights’?
  • Felt stuck in your life? Life feels like swimming through honey, much harder than it should be.


We feel you!

There are many reasons to be cautious and stay small. Just doing our bit, waiting patiently for our time to shine and be recognised. But you deserve SO MUCH MORE.

And you can have it!

There is a way…

  • You can wake every day feeling excited about your day and what life holds for you.
  • You can have the type of career, business and relationship you desire. Passionate, fulfilling, exciting, abundant. (Yes you can have it all).
  • You will become the hero of the story if your life. Hero’s face challenges sure but they do it with passion and joy and emerge triumphant.

Sounds too good to be true? You must not dampen your dreams before they’ve even formed.

Make the decision RIGHT NOW:

  • I allow myself to hope for more from life.
  • I’ve had enough of playing it safe and I’m ready to see my greatness.
  • I know that life has much more in store for me and I’m ready to find out how to access it.


This is no less than what you deserve and no more than you can handle.

Join us to:

  • Learn why life feels so hard (and spoiler: why it doesn’t have to).
  • Discover which of the Dampening Dynamics is keeping a lid on your life RIGHT NOW.
  • Experience how to remove your lid so you can find your path to joy, freedom, fulfillment in your career, business, relationships and life TODAY.


This is going to be a really powerful day for those who are ready to say ‘YES’ to life. We can’t wait to share it with you.


About your facilitators

Robert Kirby has grown an incredibly successful business as a coach, therapist and healer for over 30 years and changed the lives of tens of thousands of clients from all around the world. No small feat! Robert has incredible expertise in supporting leaders in business, corporate careers, and those who want more connected and meaningful relationships. Robert does not want to change one thing, but helps his clients CHANGE EVERYTHING! He will not stop till you claim your destiny and greatness in life. He is nothing short of an empowerment powerhouse. Are you ready to stop playing small and become aware of how great you truly are?


Andrew Ramsden is a transformational leadership and life coach with over 20 years experience, having guided thousands of leaders around Australia from small businesses, all the way up to large scale and government organisations. As a life coach he’s empowered his clients to build and maintain passionate, whole-hearted relationships and his leadership clients often report how their development has improved their romantic relationships also! Andrew is known for taking complexity and chaos and reducing it down to just the critical steps you need to take to succeed, no more, no less. If you are sick of the complexity of leadership and business you’re in luck, Andrew’s going to show us the way.


Feb 21 2021


10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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