Fear is the mind-killer

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Uncategorised

So much noise! It’s hard to think.

The news, the ads, what to buy, wear, think. It’s too much! Especially this time of year.

So much is based in fear. What if the bushfires don’t stop? What if the terrorists win? What if I get attacked? What if global warming continues?

I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate issues here. There are. It’s just that it’s a focus on fear.

Many of us live in constant fear.

I did. For most of my life. Almost always in fight-or-flight mode. When I finally allowed myself to relax, I would find it incredibly difficult to go back to the “real world” where all my stresses waited impatiently for my return.

My solution? Subconsciously I learned it was easier to just keep my parasympathetic nervous system engaged the whole time. Never relax and you never have to face the transition back into the stress, because you never left it in the first place.

And then I forgot how to relax all together.

Eventually this led to patterns of self-soothing and escapism to push the emotions down and attempt to escape the stresses. Self-medicating with food, TV, sex, alcohol, whatever would help engage the sympathetic nervous system, even briefly.

But even worse, this ultimately led to complete burnout and chronic health issues.

My point is this. While we are caught in this cycle, it’s too easy to be trapped and sedated by consumerism. Anything else is just too hard to face.

And it’s at this point that the real problems the world faces seem completely insurmountable.

Fear keeps us small.

Fear keeps us focused on the trivial. The petty. The selfish and the cruel.

Fear is the first battle we need to fight. And if we don’t win that battle, we’re going to lose the larger war. And that could mean big problems for our society and the planet as a whole within 10-20 years.

I’ve been so grateful for the work coaches, therapists and healers have done with me to help release me from the clutches of daily fear. I now feel empowered to think bigger and raise my sights to follow my passion and love. And ultimately tackle larger issues.

Each time we can shift someone out of daily fear into living from love—‘moving towards motivation’ rather than ‘moving away from’ motivation—we tip the scales in favour of humanity winning the war.

Keep it up and we might even survive another 3 generations yet. Heck, shift enough people we might not just survive, we might even learn to thrive.

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