Fear of not falling

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So I didn’t successfully complete this climb, not legitimately, I fell down and my feet touched the ground in the middle. But I kept going and I got there.

Fail, pick yourself up, try again, repeat.

We hear this all the time right?

Not particularly insightful advice I have to say. Not at this point in the zeitgeist.

Here’s the thing, I got to the top, and could have easily “topped out” (climbed over the lip and stood on top of the arch), but I didn’t.

Why not?

Well then I’d have to go find the way down, or stay up there alone.

Easier to just stop short of the top and climb straight down the way I came.

The truth is, fear of failure and dealing with failure isn’t that scary. What’s more scary?

Fear of success.

What?? Fear of success? Are you mad Andrew?

Maybe. But that’s not what we’re talking about right now. 😉

Yes, fear of success.

Many times fear of success has resulted in me subconsciously sabotaging what I’m doing more than fear of failure ever did.

What if I succeed then I’m stuck leading a monster of my own creation? What if I don’t really enjoy running a successful business? What if lose control of my life because of what I’ve created?

Worse yet, what if I become a tall poppy that others decide to cut down? I can’t handle haters!

What if I become someone I don’t like? One of those rich successful people who I’ve been conditioned to believe must be evil and selfish because they are wealthy?

Isn’t it amazing all the beliefs that can sit there in the background undermining our efforts to put our best foot forwards?

I’m really grateful for the coaches, therapists and healers who’ve worked with me over the past few years to not only clear my fear of failure, but my fear of success.

I now know that no matter what I create, if I’m not happy with it, I won’t feel stuck, I’ll feel empowered. I’ll just change it. I’m empowered to design my own life.

Even better, not only do I know it consciously, but I’m at peace with this subconsciously as well. Which is the tough bit to shift!

If you think you might have a fear of success and it might be holding you back, I urge you to chat with a coach, therapist or healer about what they can do to help. Or let me know and I can point you to someone who can help liberate you from that fear.

Meanwhile, I want to know: What irrational fear do you think you have that’s holding you back?

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