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by | Feb 18, 2020 | Podcast

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On this episode of the Heal and Transform Podcast I speak with Jessica Goh, who is a trauma healer and coach. Jessica is the founder of Life In Confidence. Her process takes clients from trauma to trust. Through her workshops, retreats and coaching, Jessica has guided many clients from feeling stuck and tortured by memories of childhood trauma, to bring out their inner radiance, passion for life and connection to love. On the show we talk about how to turn trauma into trust, and her learnings shifting from 1:1 coaching to running group workshops and retreats.

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Episode transcript

Andrew Ramsden 0:26
Today, everyone, on this episode of the podcast I speak with Jessica Goh. Now she’s an amazing trauma healer and coach. She’s the founder of Life In Confidence. And through her workshops and retreats in our coaching. She’s guided many clients from feeling stuck and tortured by memories of childhood trauma and relationship trauma and abuse, to bring out their inner radiance, their passion for life and their connection to love. Now, we did run into some technical difficulties, so bear with us as we cut to different takes that we did. But on the show, we talked about how Jess takes her clients on this journey, warming them up so that they ready to invest in themselves for the deeper work. And her lessons from shifting from one on one coaching through to running more leverage group work and retreats. I know you’re gonna love it.

Jessica Goh 1:13
Hey, Andrew. Hey everyone,

Andrew Ramsden 1:16
how are you?

Jessica Goh 1:17
I’m good. Thanks. How are you?

Andrew Ramsden 1:19
Good, good. We got there in the end.

Jessica Goh 1:22
Yes, we sure did.

Andrew Ramsden 1:25
And here we are. So glad to have you on. Thank you for joining me.

Jessica Goh 1:29
My pleasure.

Andrew Ramsden 1:31
So we’ve known each other for about 18 months now. And what I think is really amazing is to see how your business has evolved over time and how you’ve come along in leaps and bounds in your understanding of, of how to move into that more leverage space and how to bring customers on the journey and how to get customers into your workshops, which is really cool, because it’s not easy, is it?

Jessica Goh 1:52
No, it hasn’t been an easy journey for me to get people on board with these kind of events, but I’ve learnt that, you know, I need to learn to let go more of being in, like not being in control, but letting go of being a control freak, should I say, and letting go of the attachment to the outcome. And I noticed that when my energy is a lot more radiant a lot more expansive and open, then I receive, I guess, sell out events, or I get more people interested in what I do.

Andrew Ramsden 2:28
Wow, it’s not amazing. It’s just that energetic shift. I can relate to that. But I see that in what you’re doing. Thank you. That’s really exciting. So I think that’s really cool. I’d love to dive into that in more detail. But before we get to that, I’d love to hear more about what it is that you do so so when you talk about being a trauma healer, tell us about that. What does that mean to you? What are we talking about when they say trauma?

Jessica Goh 2:53
Hmm, that’s a really great question. A lot of us think that trauma is you know, something that you would expect in a car accident, or you know, fighting for the war, and yesterday’s trauma, but trauma also show up in different ways. And I’m talking more about emotional trauma, trauma that you and I have experienced in our childhood where we felt rejected or abandoned, or humiliated. Even relationship trauma, you know, big, you know, going through a breakup where someone dumps you constantly, you feel that rejection and for me, I know for sure that in the past, whenever a guy breaks up with me, I feel this immense of depression and emotional overwhelm. And I go into these panic attacks. And it just triggers and brings up all of my anxiety from my past my past experience with my dad. And it’s about having awareness and shedding light on what you’re trauma is telling you. And in the past, I didn’t understand what trauma was about I didn’t understand that I was traumatized. I just thought that I was just an angry bitch who has issues. That’s it. But the way I see it now is that trauma is the path to healing, your heart aches and your emotional wounds. And when you can embark yourself and fully immerse yourself into that journey. Oh my goodness, you just feel more into yourself. And what I mean by that is that you get realizations of your moments of truth. And it’s the bat, being connected to who you are, who you were meant to born to be and what you’re meant to do and what you’re meant to experience in this lifetime. Because it’s not all about pain and suffering. There is, you know, things on the other side of these traumatic experiences that you’re meant to learn from, whether it’s self love, self worth, connection to I guess life, connection to humanity, connection to your purpose. All these kind of things that you never thought would be possible.

Andrew Ramsden 5:10
Wow. Yeah, that’s awesome. There’s a lot I’d like to unpack in that. I think what’s interesting for me is to take a step back and say, Okay, this isn’t just for those people that have suffered significant trauma or abuse in their childhood. I mean, I’ve known people that have had loved ones murdered or or they went through severe serious neglect or serious abuse as a child or they went through really abusive and violent relationships, and I think that is trauma. And then I look at what happened in my childhood. And I think, you know, I just had this idyllic experience by comparison and I, I think it’s interesting that your mindset was, you know, what, I I’m just being an angry bitch. I almost like I don’t deserve this. And I certainly have felt that in the past like, I don’t deserve to be wallowing in this trauma, the so called trauma some everybody else has it much worse than I do. I just need to take that teaspoon of cement and kind of hard enough and get on with it. So I think it’s really lovely to reframe that for myself and say, Well, okay, maybe what I’ve been through was traumatic for me and has had an impact on me. So this is really, it’s not just for those people that have had the serious trauma. It’s it’s really everyone’s experiences. Is that is that right? Is that how you see?

Jessica Goh 6:31
Yeah, definitely. I he just summed it up perfectly.

Andrew Ramsden 6:37
I think that’s such an important step. Right. Everyone’s it’s kind of relative, isn’t it? It’s, it’s not an absolute thing. Everyone has their own experience. And, and for me, the trauma that I felt is 100% of what I’ve known, so it’s kind of my trauma is hundred percent severity, in terms of my story, right.

Jessica Goh 6:57
Definitely. And how it has me impacted your self esteem and your capabilities and what’s possible in your mind. Yeah.

Andrew Ramsden 7:09
Yeah, I think it’s been a really important part of my journey to allow myself to, to have that. And then obviously, there’s work that you do to, to move past that. So you can let that go.

Jessica Goh 7:21

Andrew Ramsden 7:23
Tell us a bit about how do you help clients let that go.

Jessica Goh 7:27
I truly believe that, you know, people, we all suffer some form of trauma. Some people would label it, oh, wow, that was very traumatic, or this is nothing compared to this person. But we all experienced some form of trauma and I believe that the healing is in the feeling, and the feeling is actually in the healing. So sorry, I mean, the healing is also in the feeling as well, because when we feel it, kick starts this healing process that We never thought it would be possible, and honors when particularly men who come to my workshops, or retreats, and it’s like the first time in their life they’ve ever felt alive because they’re giving themselves full permission to connect with their feelings. whether it’s good or bad doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they’re allowing themselves to feel and let those feelings guide them to what it is that they need to heal inside of them. And so I create a really safe space for people to connect with their feelings. And that requires great humility and vulnerability to drop off your God and your resistances and start appreciating the healing process which is feeling and I create different self reflective activities where it’s one to one inside the group where they share expose now how they really feel about themselves, what are the resistance to self love and self worth and connection, really exposing that part of them that they never really shared with anyone else. And when they’re able to go out of their comfort zone, and this requires safety, right, that safe support and space, people can do it when they’re in that environment, then they can connect with people on a far more deeper level than they can ever imagine. And so I guess my number one thing is to create safety, a safe space for people to be vulnerable and to drop down their God and resistances. And the second thing is to create structure in that space. So I need to create structure to help people guide them through that healing process. And the third thing is I create strategies a variety of different modalities. That will engage them on different levels for them to start feeling again, and when they start feeling they start healing and they can start releasing old patterns. old stuff that’s no longer serving them so they can reach and ascend to a higher vibration. I guess that which is that connection to love. Yeah.

Andrew Ramsden 10:25
Yeah. which ends up attracting things into us that we that we’re looking for. Right I mean, that’s what you were talking about at the beginning. you’re filling your workshops by having that that high energy and attracting that it

Jessica Goh 10:37
does definitely because I’ve done this in the past when when I haven’t done any trauma release work. And I’ve just focus on going to seminars like Anthony Robbins landmark, seeing an intuitive coach, but never really done a deep trauma release process. I felt like I had this spiritual arrogance that I felt like I knew everything and that, you know where I am right now is all good. But deep down it isn’t. Because I haven’t dealt with that emotional pain or trauma within myself, for me to be humble and vulnerable to the full depths of the human experience. And when one can do that, wow, they can do anything. That’s what I truly believe in.

Andrew Ramsden 11:35
Yeah, wow. So you’re talking about some deep work, they’re getting people to drop the mask, and that’s the process you’re going through and getting them to be okay, being vulnerable and experiencing their own feelings and sharing that with a group. So that’s incredibly vulnerable space. And you talk about the importance of establishing safety in the group, which I think is so true. So great. And also talk about this process of taking people on the journey from trauma to trust. And I imagined, correct me if I’m wrong, but I mentioned, they have to trust you. And they have to trust the others in the group to get to that place where they’re willing to open up, drop the mask and be vulnerable and share and feel and fields. So in some respects that that trauma trust journey has to happen, at least on a small scale. Very quickly, is that is that fair? Is that how you see?

Jessica Goh 12:29
Yeah, definitely. So when someone new comes to my events, I create safety at the event. If they feel like you know, I’d want to go to the next level with you, Jess. But I’m just not sure. Then I have a one to one free discovery session over the phone with them to meet not out what are their resistance is at is am I the right person who can help them and for me to have a deeper understanding of what’s going on in there. Well, because I can only read someone based on, I guess, the archetype or personality, but I don’t really know what’s going on in the background. So I feel it’s really important to have that one to one connection over the phone. And once I was, once I’m able to establish that trust over the phone, they’re ready to go to the next level.

Andrew Ramsden 13:26
So you’re talking about stages of bringing them on that journey to trust, even inside the group. So trusting yourself trusting the group, and then I guess, eventually trusting others, which would be the ultimate outcome, I assume, so that they can they can have that energy and connect with people and invite people in?

Jessica Goh 13:43
Definitely, because if they can’t trust anyone or themselves, then they’re stuck, I guess in their comfort zone or their safety net, where this is their life and they know deep down that this is not the life that they want. They know they want something Know that it’s their resistance and that needs to control all the time. That’s keeping them safe.

Andrew Ramsden 14:08
So I’d love to talk more about this process because I think this is really cool this journey that you’re able to bring clients on, to get them to the point where they’re able to invest in bigger price tag products that are like your retreats, but it’s also deeper work and more vulnerable work. And frankly, it’s pushing them way outside their comfort zone, it’s really could be scary work for a lot of people. So they’re not going to be ready for that straightaway, right? You’re not going to walk up to a cold lead and say, Hey, you want to come on my workshop and we’re gonna, we’re going to drop the mask, and we’re going to talk about what scares us the most in the world and our trauma and we’re going to feel things and we’re going to cry and all the rest of it. That’s not going to happen from a cold lead. Is that is that your experience?

Jessica Goh 14:52
Yeah, I mean, I the closest thing that I had someone coming to a retreat is that they attended a nice minute workshop which was called, which is still call it actually had have social confidence and self love. And she attended to that. And after that event, she decided to sign up to the retreat because the retreat was coming up real soon. And she was coming from a place of heartache, and a relationship breakup where she felt betrayed and abused and used. And she knew that she needed this kind of work like she was ready because she was in so much pain. If she wasn’t in so much pain, she wouldn’t do the retreat.

Andrew Ramsden 15:35
She could see that direct connection between her trauma and what the retreat was all about that deep trauma work.

Jessica Goh 15:42
That’s correct. Yes. Like, what she would get out of it. The result? Yeah.

Andrew Ramsden 15:47
And I what else I love is you had that first workshop, which doesn’t sound very scary. It sounds great. That’s all about social confidence and self love. That doesn’t sound scary at all. That sounds like exactly what I want. And and in that workshop, you’re able to then take them on that journey to say, well actually, if you really want to unlock this, you need to go deeper and you need to go outside your comfort zone is that is that sort of how that ecosystem works?

Jessica Goh 16:13
Well, it’s funny that you said that, like, you know, the title itself is something that you would go to and, you know, it’s funny, you know, a lot of people are so superficial these days, right? They think they know what they want. But they think from a level of superficial reality, not from a deep place. And so they’re drawn to that title. And they would expect like strategies or tips, you know, what should I say How should I dress? No, you know, behaviors, you know, tips and tricks, and instead of get something completely different, so the title is a great way to look little them in. And the activities that are involved is not a lecture. The activities involved is about exposing your vulnerability in a safe space where people get to witness your strengths, and they get to witness your flaws as well. And that is the human experience, the human experience. It’s not just about all I’m so good on this and that No, it’s not. That’s just Bs, really, the human experience is the willingness to accept your flaws and not see it as a bad thing. Like, just see it as, you know, those traits as a way how you can start, you know, lifting yourself back up, and combine that and integrate that with your strengths, that your whole, you know, you’re not broken or flawed or, you know, messed up, you know, it’s something it’s an ongoing process. And that’s what self development is about. It’s an ongoing progress. He never stop until you decide when to stop. And yeah, so I guess that’s what it’s all about it, I guess when people come to how to have social confidence and self love. When they go and do my workshops, I can definitely tell you, they are definitely out of their comfort zone. They feel so nervous and anxious, it brings up social anxiety. And they struggled to connect at times, whether it’s eye contact, and holding that eye contact in a few minutes, and that’s one of the activities as well as being intimate with one to one in terms of body contact. So how far can we get into someone’s personal space and look at them in the eye without talking or looking away or

Jessica Goh 18:47
laughing where you felt nervous or uncomfortable. So it’s really great test for people to connect with people on a deeper level. Well, I’m not interested for people To learn the same thing over and over again and following the face, which is to have a pretentious conversation, like how’s the day or, you know, what do you do for work? I want them to go deeper and connect with them on a human level. And that’s what I had to have social confidence and self love is all about. And then when they get those realizations, like whoa, you know, there is a lot of stuff that I need to work on because this is bringing up my social anxiety This is bringing up you know, my need to disconnect from people. This is bringing up stuff how I’m judging and criticizing myself when I’m just looking at someone and they are looking into me. And this is perfect because this is at least they have the realization Okay, you know what, I’m willing to go to the four day workshop which has been a great potential, because I have an ID what I need to work with, and I realized that I’ve been covering This up the whole time. And this is a great opportunity for me to go further and work on it deeper.

Andrew Ramsden 20:08
Hmm, I love this. I hope you don’t mind if we’re reverse engineering your product ecosystem a bit here. But I think there’s a lot of lessons for us all here on how you’re able to take people on that journey, as you say they come to you saying that this is what they want, this is what they think they want. And obviously it is what they want. But then you know what they really need. And you were able to sort of establish that safety and then really gently guide them further and further outside their comfort zone and taking them deeper into that trauma release work. So that they can come out the other side having exactly what they need, which is that powerful transformation in that in terms of social competence and self love, that you can’t just get with the surface tactics and the surface skills and knowledge. You have to do that deep work. So do you mind running us through your product ecosystem so you starting with your marketing and then they come into fairly low price short event, which I think is the social confidence. Do you mind stepping us through?

Jessica Goh 21:06
Yeah, sure thing, happy to share that. So I guess in the past, I’ve tested challenge tested different titles, different things. And it came down to social confidence like that was the most popular event out of all of them. And it was the one that I was able to sell out very quickly and to fill out seats. So I created a 90 minute workshop, how to have social confidence and self love. And my sales trainer has taught me that if you want to sell something, you need to have a 90 minute event to establish trust with the person before you sell anything. So it has to be 90 minutes. So I extended my workshop from 60 minutes, 90 minutes. And then from the 90 minute events, they come along to be your greatest potential which is a full day event. So how to have social confidence and self love is now $35 and be your greatest potential the four day workshop is 250. And that includes lunch that also includes trauma release work that includes self reflective exercises, energy, healing a concoction of different things, where you have a deeper understanding of yourself and your archetype and how you can start seeing your setbacks as a way of success. And then from there, people can decide if they want to take themselves to the next level, which is set your world on fire retreat. And that retreat is a three and a half day, sacred journey to finding themselves in trust and guidance and confidence. And at that retreat, it’s very holistic. It’s very healing and nourishing, because they’ll be vegetarian or vegan. provided there will be morning yoga classes for you to connect with your body especially for those who have a low self esteem with their body image. This is a great way to start appreciating your body. And there would be meditations are us crystals. I use random music for people to meditate so they can start shifting, I guess, the energy or Kundalini. And also, I create a personalized trauma release process. And this is based on an experience where they were not able to confront and we create that same experience that they that they can confront in a safe space that is holding themselves back. And it’s just amazing to see some of the results. That’s the retreat has got by doing this events and I’ve mentioned that there’s this one lady who was in a lot of pain, and she was coming out of a relationship. And she was so strong in her victim like, Wow, she’s pretty brave to do the retreat. Because I’ll put her in her place. And I was able to help her to unleash her thing diction, vindictive behavior towards her ex and her hatred and resentment that she had towards him and towards herself by putting herself in that situation of being desperate for love. And when she was able to come out of it the other side, she was actually vomiting because, you know, she was suppressing a lot of grief. And she was numbing her feelings about one of her parents being passed away. And she was so disconnected from her body and from her emotions and so this purification process had to happen for her Her to start feeling again. And at the end of the retreat, like she started to have more energy, she started to feel more radiant, and she could feel his self love growing within herself. I had another guy who came into the retreat. And the first thing he said to me was, are all the rooms locked, like is my bedroom lock on? No, I’m the tallest and biggest guy in the retreat. But I just wanted to know, if my room my bedroom is locked, because I’m scared that someone might get me. And it was just amazing, like what kind of fee he was holding on to but I don’t blame him because of the way he was brought up. And he had a father who put him in the band as a kid and humiliated him. And that deteriorated his self worth. And so he came to see me because what he wanted is to feel worthy of being promoted again, to be worthy of love and being a relationship. kinship and let that you know blossom into a marriage and children. And so when we did a trauma release process for him, he was able to confront his dad. It wasn’t easy for him. But we chose someone in the room to represent his dad and someone in the room to represent him as a little kid, where he felt he was being dumped and been. And when he was able to stop seeing himself as a monster and actually putting the blame and coals on twins dad instead of himself, wow, he took his power back and it was just so amazing because at the end of that experience, he did one at he was connecting with people. He was bubbly. He was happy he was chirpy, like I’m like, Whoa, what happened to him? Like it was just amazing the kind of results that you see in three and a half days and then from then onwards, they can decide to take it further. By doing money program, which is awaken your radiance, and that’s a three month program.

Andrew Ramsden 27:07
I was just commenting on how I think it’s so fantastic that you’re able to get these sorts of results. I love hearing from the people that have been through your programs, because it is this deeply transformative work. And I love that you’re able to take people on this journey to the point where they do feel safe to go deep and vulnerable with you in this way, hugely confronting work. But I know this sort of work has not only that, that immediate outcome in the room, whether you can see them more connected, but it also has that longer term outcome, because you and I have done similar sorts of work, work work together, and very, very confronting, and I know that it has these transformational life changing results. So that’s super exciting. Congratulations.

Jessica Goh 27:49
Thank you. Definitely. And I forgot to mention I guess the retreat is 1999 and awaken your radiance program is 1799 and payment plans offered as well to people

Andrew Ramsden 28:03
yes, I can see you stepping people up there through the invest investment and commitment but also that trust and safety and and taking them deeper into the work so it’s really well thought out and really well crafted on. I’d love to hear more about your journey as you shifted focus from doing a lot of one on one coaching through to this more leveraged space where you’re doing group work, but I will come back to that because I think it makes more sense to first talk about Jess and your origin story. I know this work is really really important to you because you went through personal trauma of your own. So why why this space? Why do you work in this space? and and you know, what does this mean to you?

Jessica Goh 28:45
So I guess I’ve been doing, I guess, life coaching, healing trauma release kind of work for about five years now. And what has brought me to this work or What has drawn me to doing this work is that I had, I went through the lowest of my lowest ever in my life. And that was at 29. So I’m 33 now turning 34 this year, and at 29. Not that you look it. I take that Thank you.

Jessica Goh 29:21
At 29 I was rock, I hit my rock bottom. And at that time I gambled away by selling to positive cash flows investment properties that I had. And that’s a very high achievement for my age considering I was earning a low income at that time as a retail assistant or a beauty therapist, and at 29. I used I sold the properties I used the fun funds to set up my dress business and that didn’t succeed succeeded at all in, I was slaughtering myself in it. I was working ridiculously long hours and not getting much result, I was only able to sell a few dresses and wholesaled a few dresses. But it wasn’t enough for me to earn an income from it. And at that time I was dating a married man and I thought he would leave his mentally ill wife to me. And I was really struggling with my relationship with my immediate family. And I had my final session with a relationship coach. And I was at the point where I just lost everything like I don’t only had 100 bucks left in my bank account, I had no savings, I had nothing. I had no safety net. And in that last session, she said to me that you know what, just did this to yourself. And that’s when the penny dropped for me. I’m like, holy shit, I can’t believe it. Like, I also desperate I was willing to take on her advice this time. And I was open to receiving that feedback that he hit me so hard in the heart. And I just couldn’t believe that this was a health that I created for myself because my beliefs was that I was unworthy of love and money, and that I don’t deserve this. And what I deserve is to be a disposable woman to men. What I deserve is to work myself down to the ground and my business. What I deserve is all work and no play. And that’s how I lived in my childhood experiences. And I was unable to make that correlation until I did People work on myself. And at that rock bottom, I just, I hardly had any money, I lost all confidence. And I wasn’t successful at all in love and in relationships, but I can definitely say at that point in time that my ego was broken and I finally woken up to those moments of truth. And that is that there is another way to this there is another way of living my life and that it requires happen next for me was that I had to figure out next steps, okay, how am I going to survive with 100 bucks in my bank account and get myself out of dismiss like I was in the I was ranting with other people in a shared granny flat, hated it hated the landlord. So I did a lot of things that was way out of my comfort zone. And I feel it’s out of reach for many people, to me to put my life back together again. And I guess for me, it started in this 3d world that we live in, which is the physical world where it’s all about survival, food and money, that kind of world. So I started working myself through that world first because back at that time, I was very much living in poverty. And I wanted to get myself out of it because I didn’t want to be homeless because I wasn’t able to afford the rent. So I had to eat my humble pie and line up to centerlink. And what a spinner as I walk into the Doodle, I was like, wow, this is definitely not Want to be and I knew that I had no choice but to turn myself into centerlink and start receiving

Jessica Goh 34:09
welfare social with welfare payments, and I had to stop looking for a job. And I was getting casual jobs at that time. And I had male friends and a guy that I was having a casual thing with giving me some money or getting the groceries for me to get by. So that moment in time, it was so hard like I was just in survival mode every single day and I had to be so creative in Okay, how can I bring in more money other than looking for jobs and relying on guys to pay my way? So I had to so I started having my life coaching business. And before I became a qualified Life Coach. I started to get clients through Facebook because I was just sharing what I was going through. I was sharing in a way that was vulnerable. And people started to see there was a change in me. They’re like, Whoa, what happened to you? And I started to get inquiries about Can I see you for life coaching or mentoring. And that’s when I started to do one to one private coaching. And I was mainly attracting females at that time, who were struggling with their self confidence. They were suffering from anxiety or OCD. And it was the first time I’ve ever coached people who lacked confidence, who have anxiety, who have OCD, like it was the first but they trusted me, for me, for me to guide them. And at that time, I was just doing one month, three months and six months coaching packages. And then later on, I had my first client who was very depressed. And after that I just had a phase where I had no clients because I was working full time, in a job in corporate and, and along the way, I just thought to myself, you know, why am I struggling to get clients? I had like a year where I had no clients at all. And I just didn’t understand why. And I realized that, you know, working full time in a job for me to have the lifestyle that I can have, and go beyond that poverty line. I needed a full time job. I needed to get off centerlink and I have and I’m so glad that I’m not on it anymore. And, you know, so for me, it’s like, Okay, well, you know, there was this deep nx and discipline To dig deep, you know, do I really want to do life coaching? Or do or am I happy to do my nine to five job and it took me, I guess, three years for me to work that through. And I realized that you know what? For me to do life coaching or trauma, release, whatever you want to call it, you know, healing humanity. To me, that gives me the greatest purpose in my life, then a nine to five job and it and I had to really dig deep on you know what I wanted to be clear on that and make a devotion to that commitment. And once I was able to see that and fully commit myself to that I was actually made redundant and yeah, just, I guess three weeks ago I was made redundant and yeah And, you know, in the past, I used to say that if I was to get fired, and it has happened to me before where I was fired, I would take it personally. And I would be so clingy and attached to the pay, because I thought, shit, I’m still in survival mode. I’m still in survival mode. But I’m in a very different place right now where money isn’t a big thing in terms of survival. Like I see money as a different kind of source of energy. I don’t see it as scarcity or poverty anymore. I see it as a way that it’s a way of receiving and supporting and allowing me to live my best life.

Jessica Goh 38:49
And so, and it’s a form of self worth as well. And the way I see my business now is that I realized that for me to leverage my time and my expertise. And the amount of support that I can give is through group work group coaching. And that’s why I switched over from one to one coaching to now, just group work. So group workshops, group events, group retreats, group programs in a short amount of time with a get the most results. So that’s the focus of my business. And now I’m getting I guess, I’m putting myself out there, and I’m getting more people who are interested in interviewing me. And I’m really excited to be featured on more podcast and there’s this one that would be featured in Singapore. So I decided to go out of my comfort zone and start building my presence in Singapore and Malaysia, so expanding my services outside of Australia and go for the Asian market. And I feel Singapore, Malaysia, most of Singapore, they have more of an open mindset with mental health and self esteem. And I really am looking forward to being interviewed this Wednesday about it. And this guy, he runs a happiness conference as well. So it’s a possibility, I guess, or a pathway to potentially be a guest speaker for that conference and to share my work there. We’ll see where it takes me.

Andrew Ramsden 40:39
Amazing. Congratulations. That’s really exciting. Thank you. I love what you told me about and you’ve been talking about is this idea that when you’re in that high vibrational state that energy more is coming to you in terms of clients and opportunities. It’s just being attracted in. Could you tell us more about that journey because I know it’s not an easy trend. from one to one coaching through the group work, how did you make that transition? And where did those sort of shifts in energy really come into it and make the biggest difference?

Jessica Goh 41:11
I guess, for me, when I started to do deeper work within myself, I had a lot more realizations. And I’ve realized that for me, the most powerful experience for me to hit into the real raw depths of my soul is through group work. Because the feedback you get the support that you get, the healing that you get, the growth that you get, as opposed to a one to one is just astronomical. And I realized that if I want to put out my best work, I feel it has to be group work, no doubt about it. And that’s based on my personal experiences and I seen the results When I started doing group work, help how open people are as opposed to one to one. And that desire to support each other and to change when it gets really tough as opposed to one to one and creating that codependent relationship with myself. And another thing that I designed my services to be group only is because that one to one you know, people rely on me, and they just think there’s no other world but my time with chess and my time with justice precious, it’s only for one hour, and I get something out of it. And to me, that’s not healthy because these people who come and see me they have a lot of anxiety issues and afraid of being socially accepted and connected. And I feel like if people come into a group, they feel far more supportive. It’s a lot more healthy because my energy and focused is not just on one person, it’s on each individual and each individual can support each other to grow. And I guess for me to make that transition, I needed a strategy in place. And for me, that strategy was that, okay, how can I attract and receive more clients and do some group work? So for me, I realized, okay, I got to get off my high horse, and just focus on Facebook Live because I didn’t want to be bothered in showing up to a venue for my time, I had to let go of that mentality and see, okay, you know, what, just you have to put yourself out there. So I put myself out there by creating face to face events. I started with one hour events, I started half day events. And then I realized I need to extend these events with more time to add more value and increase my pricing to make it more profitable for my time. And, you know, as I get more experience doing workshops, it has helped me grow more confidence it has helped me see how things can be improved in my workshops, how things can be delivered differently, how I guess what are the different things that I can present that would enable them to grow and evolve in their way of thinking and in their way of being. And now I’m seeing a sales trainer and she is the most expensive mentor I’ve ever invested in. And I told myself back then when I was doing business coaching in my dress business that I will never ever see a business coach or do any form of business coaching again because I didn’t get any value out of it. That was sucking me up dry and I wasn’t getting any results. But then when I saw the sales train on, I really believed in the system, in the strategies and in the outcomes that I would get by doing her work. And it’s only recently the past few months, I’ve started to implement it. And today I’m really refining my branding, and changing my messaging and to speak at a far more deeper level than just confidence. Because, as my sales trainer said, confidence isn’t insecurity. But trauma is a need. And so what I want to sell is a need not an insecurity where people just think, Oh, yeah, I can do it in next month in the future. What is I can put up with this now, but when people are in that emotional pain, like that lady who came to my 90 minute workshop and signed up to my retreat, That’s the sort of work and problem that I want to be a part of.

Andrew Ramsden 46:08
Wow, it’s been an incredible journey from the sounds of it, it’s it’s come a long way. It’s evolved a lot over time, lots of lessons there for us to be able to go away and unpack as to where you’ve had to pivot and reshape what you’re doing. Amazing that you’ve been able to come through all of that, and create a model that works. So congratulations to you.

Jessica Goh 46:30
Thank you. Well, I just wanted to say that some, you know, with business and even now, it’s trial and error, like you’re always testing even with my programs, like I’m always testing, you know what, like, just I put it out there with the program and I get feedback, why people don’t sign up. And then I just retweet my program to meet the need.

Andrew Ramsden 46:54
Perfect, amazing. So a lot of persistence there. And yeah, that entrepreneur Your mind of being able to pivot and Tic Tac as you need to, to refine in on what the market responds to.

Jessica Goh 47:08
Definitely, it’s gold.

Andrew Ramsden 47:12
Very cool. All right, what would probably come to time now? Thank you for bearing with me and the technical difficulties that we’ve both experienced. I think this has been a really valuable conversation. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to have it and make it happen. Where can we find you online?

Jessica Goh 47:28
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube if you just Google life in confidence. Otherwise, there’s my website, which is life in So its life LIEIN. co NFIDN

Andrew Ramsden 47:52
Perfect, and we’ll drop some links to those in the show notes for this episode as well. Well, thanks again. Just thank you so much for coming on. And sharing with us so openly about your own personal journey and your own experiences and the lessons you’ve learned about business, and how you structure things in such detail. It’s very generous. Thank you.

Jessica Goh 48:09
My pleasure. And thank you for having me on board.

Andrew Ramsden 48:13
So there we have it, folks, Jessica go. Now, even though we had a couple of technical difficulties, I really enjoyed this conversation. Jessica has done incredibly well to find her niche and the right energy and the right product ecosystem to step her clients up and allow her to serve them and give them that deep transformation that they deserve. And this is really how we make a positive impact in a much greater way by leveraging our time, talent now technology in the way that Jace has done. So I really hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Leave us a comment and let us know what stood out for you, or your lessons in building your business. Or if you have a question for Jess, I’m sure she’d be more than happy to share her insights. And until next time, remember we all deserve to have our trauma heard and released and we Make a bigger positive impact if we determined and we leverage ourselves really, really well. Okay. Take care talk soon.

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