Sign up for: Building Momentum Like a House on Fire

Sign up for: Building Momentum Like a House on Fire

6 Week Online Training with Robert Kirby sponsored by: The New opportunity

One of the keys to building powerful connections, relationships and influence is getting out of our head and into a broader understanding that includes the broader context, and most importantly, what’s going on for other people.

What if you could meet someone, and within the first 10 seconds have a very clear picture of how they view the world and what their strengths and limitations are likely to be?

What if? I’ll tell you… You would be a powerhouse!

This is no light-weight fly-by-night methodology.

The methods you will learn from Robert are based on generations of practice and traditions passed down from Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Reich, to John Pierrakos down to Robert Kirby.

Get excited! Because once you apply yourself, learn this well and get practice using it, this will be the killer tool in your toolkit and empower you to unlock your own strengths and limitations as well as others and take your EQ, connection and influence to levels you’d never thought possible.

Price: $485

Repeat the Program as Often as Required

30 days money back guarantee -No Questions Asked

6 weeks Online Course, starting Saturday May 16th

Benefits / Outcome

Without having to ‘try hard’ or stress, you will be able to achieve:

  • Tremendous Focus
  • Consistent Action
  • Momentum = Flow


What You Will Learn:

  • Character Analysis
  • Ability to analyze your own character strengths and weaknesses and diagnose clients and team members.
  • The Keys to Ignite 4 Stages of Future Freedom
    1. Stage 1 Empowerment
    2. Stage 2 Freedom
    3. Stage 3 Self-Knowledge
    4. Stage 4 Momentum

Your Journey:

  • Self-study 6 modules plus Homework over 6 weeks.
  • Access the exclusive membership area and receive support and feedback from the attendees to practice all skills
  • Receive Personal Support and Q&A Sessions with Robert Kirby
  • Learn the 4 Stages on all 4 levels
    1. Mind-Body level
    2. Psycho-spiritual Level
    3. Emotional Level
    4. Social Intelligence – Implementation Level


About your instructor

His fiery approach is very modern and switched on because he wants you to claim your greatness in life to both run a highly successful business or team of super performers and simultaneously change the world we live in. He has accomplished this as a corporate leader, business owner, author, speaker and expert in character analysis.

This is necessary because you must free yourself and open up because you are connected to the entire world and everyone in it. All of us leaders together can and will change the world with our mutual intention for truth to prevail. That’s the kind of transparent authority the world needs now more than ever. When we influence everyone we meet and work with from integrity the whole world can feel you. You touch their soul and this will never stop. It becomes your expanded destiny.

When this web of awareness hits a tipping point your low tolerance for mediocrity in leadership and mistreatment of anyone in the workplace or anywhere for that matter shift consciousness worldwide.

Robert Kirby follows his all-consuming 30 year life mission to mentor and train thousands of leaders and business owners worldwide to transcend their old patterns

Robert will mentor you into your greatest resistance and character flaws and literally clear it up throughout your body-mind, body-heart, body-energy and body-soul in order for you to land on your feet in freedom and truth. You do not want to change one thing but instead everything. Your greatest obstacle then becomes the way forward.

Robert Kirby has trained with and been mentored by many masters. He has successfully integrated and synthesised many modalities into his work.