Music moves us

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In a past life I was a musician.

I don’t mean like a past past life, haha, just that earlier this life, in the past, I spent a lot of time playing music and even completed a degree in music composition before deciding it wasn’t going to be my career.

Music meant a lot to me, as it does to so many of us whether we studied it or just enjoy listening.

Not that I quite thought of it this way at the time, but music has an ability to convey and inspire emotion and energy in a way almost no other medium can.

Music moves us.

More than just the urge to dance or even to feel. I believe it connects us to each other and primal experiences from our evolutionary past, hundreds of thousands of years ago, and possibly even further back. For example:

  • Dancing and connecting with each other around the campfire.
  • Facing our fear in preparation for a hunt, or for battle.
  • Communicating a story or a traditional with each other.
  • Entertaining each other, and celebrating with one another.
  • Telling our primal nervous system it’s ok to relax now.

There’s a reason we still like to attend performances together as a group. There’s something about music’s purpose as a connector.

Now I like to believe it goes even further back and further out than that. There is something so universal about how the frequencies resonate in relation to one another that speaks to the underlying nature of our universe itself.

Everything in this universe is vibrating at one frequency or another. Waves are fundamental. And when you start to explore the mathematics of music you start to realise these common ratios between frequencies that become rhythms, chords and harmonies are EVERYWHERE.

When we hear a sound or a chord that resonates with us, if we’re present and let it in, I believe it can touch something very deep inside of us. Something spiritual.

I still use music professionally to this day, not in the ways I thought I might when I was young, but I often play music during client sessions or group work. And I regularly get asked about which music I’m playing.

It happened again in a client session over the weekend so I’m here to spill the beans… Here are some of the most requested playlists I use…

I hope you enjoy them, and I’d love to hear about the music you use or enjoy listening to the most.

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