Rise Above Summit 2020

Rise Above Summit Recordings

The 2020 Rise Above Summit is over, but you can still purchase access to the recordings for only $248 $48 AUD. (25% of profits go to support Lifeline Australia)

Attendees said…

“The enthusiastic involvement of the speakers has to be seen to be believed. Topics covered included all aspects of business, from necessary self-development, business strategies, to business and client focus, and adaptability in times of change. Speakers spoke from experience and therefore were practical in their advice. This Summit could be renamed the “Business Bible” of the year!”—Danielle Kolos

“Wow, terrific Summit. Congratulations and thanks to all who were involved in putting this together and sharing their knowledgeable and experience. Powerful insights for the times we currently face and enables participants to start or continue their own journey. Looking forward to the next session!”—Brian Kiel

“I am so glad i stepped out of my hole and joined in on this summit! I was spiralling into a not so good place due to the worlds unfortunate events. I have sadly lost my business after 6 years, so i began to put feelers out and was suggested to join this summit, well i did it! The end result of this summit has given me a light, direction and hope! Thank you so much to the organisers and presenters.”—Jess Males

“This was an incredible opportunity to gain some valuable resources in one session, there were resources to apply for my business and particularly personal resources that were immediately felt. The experience and information the presenters gave was top class and current with what is happening in the world.”—Lai Tattis

Calling all Conscious Business Owners + Entrepreneurs: the world is changing very quickly… and there’s a BIG opportunity right now to RISE ABOVE this current climate and THRIVE!

The world desperately needs our help!

Now is NOT the time to discount yourself or run yourself into the ground.

**Now is NOT the time to figure it out alone!!**

Let me say that again. It’s not the time to figure it out alone, but it IS the time to get guidance and mentorship from the very people who can take you there.

Now is the BEST time to take charge of your trajectory, build solid thriving foundations in your business and life…

Now is the perfect opportunity to heal and transform the world and enjoy the abundance we deserve as a result!

It’s time to:


This highly-interactive online summit will take you through a profound transformational journey from the necessary inner work all the way through to the outer strategies and applications you need to reinvent yourselves and your businesses.

Your “Business Bible of the year”:

  • Reinvent your business.
  • Re-examine your passion and purpose.
  • Recall your limitations and reset your mindset and beliefs
  • Reimagine your products and services.
  • Reposition your marketing and your message.
  • Refine your sales.
  • And realign and streamline your delivery!

Are you ready to RISE ABOVE and THRIVE in the new economy to follow? Then join me for this powerful event and let’s do this together…

Package includes…

📚 Rise Above Summit Workbook

Packed full of frameworks and activities contributed by our speakers, this workbook guides you through the reflection and planning activities led by the speakers during the summit.

📽️ Videos of talks and panel discussion

  1. Andrew Ramsden—Your Greatest Opportunity is Right Now: When Your Cage is Being Rattled it’s Time to Be Free
  2. Robert Kirby—Unlock your success mindset: Rise and Thrive into your leadership
  3. Christine Corcoron—Making money in times of crisis – Being mindful not to get caught in the trap of scarcity
  4. Chandell Labbozzetta—From servant to serve: How to grow your passion profit business with integrity
  5. Karla Pizzica—Marketing your Magic: How to expand into your authenticity and create a magnetic brand so you can rise above the noise & thrive online
  6. Andrew Ramsden—Where to from here? Your action plan to become a leader in the New Economy
  7. Andrew Low—Your emotions… Your Friend?
  8. Panel discussion and question time + close

💝 Rise Above Resource Pack

Our speakers have thought about what would deepen your journey and next steps after completing the Summit and complied a resource pack as our gift to you. We say our gift to you because the resource pack alone is valued at over $700.