Mid-year resolutions

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I know, I know, before and after photos are meant to go the other way! Hahaha #LockdownBod

Happy Mid-Year!!

Time flies when you’re having fun! I made a plan as I usually do at the start of 2020, but didn’t make any New Year resolutions. Thank goodness! They likely wouldn’t have lasted long. So much change and excitement this year they would not have survived haha.

So now’s the time.

Mostly I’m very happy with the last 6 months. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve been looking for the gifts in everything the universe sent my way and have generally found them. It’s been a wild ride but I’ve enjoyed so much of it:

  • I’ve achieved a lot in business.
  • Started some really exciting new professional opportunities.
  • And last but not least moved in with my darling Daisy.

My biggest disappointment? I let my health and fitness take a back seat during lockdown! 😮

Of course I can justify it to myself: COVID meant I was locked down in a strange land away from home, with no access to climbing gyms, my outdoors climbing equipment, climbing partners, or even much by way of a kitchen, fridge or even bathroom scales.

There was also so much change and chaos going on, something had to give, right? Well, maybe. But part of me knows these are just excuses. This is a priority area for me and I failed to adapt and give it the attention it deserved. I got lazy!

The result? I’m up 6kg and body composition has shifted fairly dramatically, in the wrong direction.

I’ll admit, I had wanted a 6-pack for the sake of vanity alone. I’d never had one in my life and I wanted to achieve that goal at least once, and by the end of last year I had made it.

It took a lot of hard work and discipline and possibly a slightly-less-than-healthy relationship with my scales. But it worked. Success!

I can’t really claim credit though. It was mainly the fever-dream of a younger me trapped inside, who weighed in at over 120kgs and thought of himself as a “fat nerd”. He was very determined.

As you can imagine, that Andrew’s not real impressed with again being what can only be described as a “dad bod” now #AfterLockdown, (and I’m not even a dad!)

But here’s the worst part: my energy, hormones, mental, gut and immune system health are just not what they should be. Not what they were. I just don’t feel as good as I did. And that has to change.

So my mid-year resolution is this: Get back to feeling healthy. Less focus on weight-watching and 6-packs, and more focus on feeling good!

And that goes for other areas of my life. My resolution is to regain maximum flow. And get back to feeling good while I do what I do, as much as possible.

What does this really mean? It means staying out of my story, relaxed and happy as much as possible. It means being mindful throughout the day of thoughts and feelings and allowing space them (less self-soothing and escapism). It means speaking my truth and doing me (you feel free to do you). It means doing things that don’t align to my strategy, but instead, just align to me.

But most of all it means bringing 100% commitment and passion to my vision, goals and everything I do, but less attachment to the specifics of how or exactly when I get there.

I’d love to know how you fared, how are you feeling physically and mentally #AfterLockdown?

And do you have any mid-year resolutions?

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