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So I’ve set up the office to be a lot more functional and give me close access to the things I need throughout the day.

Thought I’d take this opportunity for a little office tour.


Bottom right shows a few of my favourite books, including Leadership Transformed by Dr Peter Fuda. This book meant a lot to me, even though I didn’t fully appreciate concepts like having true purpose, visualisation and dropping the mask at the time.

This book and meeting Dr Fuda inspired me to start my own leadership development company and help others on their journey from being hands on experts to scaling up, stepping back and leading others.

This experience has been a huge benefit to me in being able to guide coaches, therapists and other practitioners in how to step up and back in their business. Helping them transition from being ‘in the business’ to working ‘on the business’ and showing up as a leader.

Tim Ferriss has probably been the largest influence on me to date. He inspired me to:

  • Start a business
  • Start a podcast (now 2 podcasts)
  • Lose 45kg
  • Commit to a lifelong journey of self-exploration, self-experimentation, learning and growth.

The Decision Book is also wicked for frameworks to use while making decisions, collaborating with teams or even just daily personal reflection. Highly recommend picking that one up if you get the chance.


Middle right we have some incense, crystals, the poop cup (from the 7 Day Fill Your Cup Challenge), and a timer for breathwork and other activities. Good vibrations! Even the poop cup, it makes me smile 😊

I also keep a singing bowl or 2 handy because these also help me feel grounded and centred when I need a quick break.


I feel so grateful to have somewhere I can focus and work, and shoot videos.

Speaking of which, people often ask me what kind of gear I use.

Tip 1: Use what you’ve got

Don’t let gear stop you. And I often just shoot on my phone, using its microphone and cheap lighting or natural light by facing an open window. The cameras in modern phones are great!

Tip 2: Lighting is important

As you see in the tour I will even use super cheap $20 workman’s LED lights from Bunnings. Throw some greaseproof paper over them to diffuse the light and you’re good to go!

But I also often use the LUVO ring light as it allows me to control brightness and colour temperature. You don’t need to go that far straight away, but getting good consistent light on your face is important.

Here’s a smaller and less expensive alternative I’d also recommend.

Tip 3: Audio may be even more important than lighting

There’s nothing worse than muffled or boomy and echoey audio in videos. Do yourself a favour and invest in a mic.

I use the Rode SmartLav mic which plugs straight into my phone and laptop.

Or I’ll use the Shure MV88 when I need to move around and mic multiple people run and gun style.

Tip 4: Possibly invest in a tripod

Setting your camera up at the right height is important. You don’t want to be looking down on your audience or up at them.


I help coaches, therapists, healers and other complementary medicine practitioners to setup their online technology, websites and social media and get the most out of them. But ultimately, the technology is only an enabler.

For me, by amplifying the work you do, this is how we heal and transform the world!

But I know I can’t do that alone. It’s only through collaboration and co-creation we can make the big changes that need to happen to address the real issues being faced by society and the world.

I believe that starts with each of us. At least a critical mass. If we can help empower a critical mass of people to live from a place of love and joy rather than fear and survival then this is when the world changes.

So I ask you… how can we do this together?

Also let me know what you have around you in your space to help you stay focused, productive and energised?

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