Transhumanism and transrationalism

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I’ll admit it. I’m a trans-humanist.

What does this mean? It means I want to leave humanity behind and transition to the next phase of our evolution. Whatever that may be.

When I was younger I wanted to do this by emulating the advanced life forms I saw on my favourite TV show, Star Trek.

Both the Vulcans (an alien race who prized only logic) and Data the Android (an artificially intelligent Robot), neither of whom experienced emotions, but were excellent at calculations and rational thinking and problem solving.

To me this was how the human race would evolve. To suppress our emotions like the Vulcans, or to supplement and eventually replace much of our humanity with technology, and if we lose emotions along the way, good riddance!

Not being able to become an Android, I did what many in our society do, and suppressed my emotions. Placing value only on rational thought and disregarding intuition and any stirrings from my heart or gut.

You can imagine where this got me. Social isolation was one. Especially in my younger years. It turns out emotions play a really important role in establishing trust and connection between us of the human species hahaha (I was only pretending to be an alien after all).

It also led to not being able to deal well with stressful situations and internal anxiety from having to constantly mentally run away from the stock piles of unresolved emotional material floating around in there. Of course at the time I didn’t know any better and would have told you there was no problem. I’ve got this! It’s under control!!

I had a way out. I ate my emotions. Emotional eater in the house! And it took its toll. For a while there I was walking around 45kg heavier than I am today, and with very little muscle because I never exercised. I rarely moved my body. And if you know much about emotions, your body is where they hang out and are stored. So this only made things worse.

Enough was enough. I decided to lose the weight. And using sheer will, research and discipline I worked out a way to lose 20kg. Then I put 10kg back on. Then lost 15kg and gained 20kg. Then lost 20kg again and gained 5kg. And so on. I was making progress but each step was extremely hard won and easy to lose again.

The big shift came when I worked with coaches and healers to address the emotional pain underneath and allow myself to feel again.

I still had to be disciplined to lose the weight but this time it stayed off. No more yo-yo.

Even then it took a few years for me to stop thinking of myself as a ‘fat nerd’. Again, a coach helped me shift that self-image and limiting belief.

I’m proud to say I finally reached my goal of having a clearly visible 6 pack, which I’ll admit was a superficial and vain goal, but also important for my self-confidence to leave my old identity behind for good and to know that I could achieve what I put my mind to. Even a goal that I believed for the longest time was out of reach.

Suffice to say I no longer believe human evolution requires us to deny our emotions. Quite the opposite. We need to learn as a species to harness our emotions. They are an incredible source of insight, intelligence, intuition, connection and catharsis. What a beautiful gift!

As coaches, therapists and healers we can help accelerate human evolution by helping people clear the emotional anchors that weigh them down, anchors they buried a long time ago. (Pip McKay has some fantastic method in this space).

And by helping them understand how to manage emotions as they arise in real time. Also by helping them to process larger emotional episodes that come up and aren’t appropriate to address on the spot. (Cameron Aggs is a master at training a mindful approach here).

We can also help them shift the emotions energetically and through relieving muscular tension (Alfio Sorbello is the man to speak with).

Guy Bennett is a master kinesiologist and kinesiology trainer based in Brisbane. In one of my sessions he helped me understand the real value of emotions, intuition and trusting the unconscious mind. He started by talking about rationality (which I prized), and irrationality (which I abhorred). But then he explained that not all irrationality is nonsense. Up above rationality lives a source of wisdom that isn’t rational. Therefore it’s irrational and can’t be processed by the rational mind, yet it represents divine wisdom from the body, emotions and the universe around us. He called this type of wisdom ‘transrational’.

Even Quantum Physics is now bumping up against and defining theoretical concepts that will never be able to be proven or disproven. Like the ‘many worlds interpretation, essentially the idea of a multiverse. This wisdom is transrational. It’s sufficient to explain what we observe in the quantum realm, but it’s not necessarily true. It cannot he proved or disproved, and likely never will be, by mathematical definition.

But it’s still a useful working model. It helps us understand what might be going on and make predictions about it.

It’s the ultimate test of why it’s better to focus on what’s USEFUL rather than what’s CORRECT.

And the emotional body, the energetic body, the spiritual connection. All of these concepts provide their own value also without being able to proved easily by scientific means or without any downsides I can see. Only upsides.

So bring on the transrational I say. And bring in this new approach to transhumanism.

Let’s accelerate human evolution by raising human consciousness and lifting people up.

This is how as a species we will survive and thrive.

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