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The New Economy

What is The New Economy?

This crisis and the recession we’re entering represent a huge shift in how we live, love and work, and will have lasting impacts on our collective psyches and those of generations to come.

And believe me when I say as we come out of this current crisis we’re going to see a period of societal upheaval and change unlike anything we’ve seen before. Welcome to the Roaring 2020s!!

Most importantly though right now, we need to understand the trends we’re seeing around us, where they are likely headed and what we can learn from historical recessions to put us in the right place to not only survive, but thrive during this crisis and on the other side.

Want to see what I discovered? Read on…

Essential technology tools so your business survives and thrives in the post-corona economy

Unusual times call for unusual methods. Here are some brilliant tools for surviving the corona lockdowns and continuing on in business even when you can't meet face-to-face.

If you have questions about how to use the tools, or how to adapt your business for the New Economy, reach out and let us know. Happy to help.

How to use Zoom series

Now is the time to embrace remote delivery, and Zoom is a great way to do it. If you’re a service delivery professional, coach, consultant, therapist or healer getting into the telehealth space then now is the time to pick up the best tools and get started. And here’s where to start.

Zoom 101: Basics of How to Use Zoom as a participant or to host a meeting

1:21 – Setup your account
2:43 – Schedule a meeting
3:29 – Invite guests
5:16 – Managing and muting yourself and participants
7:51 – Audio / video quality setup
10:04 – Using text chat

– Get Zoom:
– Gear to consider:

Zoom 201: Advanced techniques for using Zoom to host a seminar or workshop

1:41 – Share your screen
3:04 – Record your session
4:39 – Breakout rooms
8:28 – On hold / remove guests
9:50 – Downloading your recording

– Get Zoom:

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